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Product Overview

Yamoo Drops is a dietary supplement that makes it easier for the babies to digest milk by breaking down lactose, the complex sugar found in milk and other dairy products. It contains lactase enzyme (600 FCC units), which is obtained from Aspergillus oryzae fungus. It helps nursing mothers prevent infantile colic in their babies.

  • Alleviates the symptoms of lactose intolerance by breaking down lactose
  • A dietary supplement that comes from a vegetarian source
  • Makes it easier for babies with lactose intolerance to digest lactose, the sugar found in milk
  • Helps prevent the symptoms of lactose intolerance such as bloating, vomiting, diarrhea etc.
  • Helps in preventing the episodes of inconsolable crying in infants
100% Vegetarian
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Product Details

Key Ingredients:

  • Lactase Enzyme- 600 FCC Units

Directions for Use:

  • Direction I (for Breastfeed): 4 to 5 drops of Yamoo Drops should be added to a few ml of expressed breast milk. The foremilk (the milk at the beginning of a feeding) contains most of the lactose. Give this mixture to the baby after a few minutes and then breastfeed as normal.
  • Direction II (for formula/ animal’s milk feed): Add 4 to 5 drops of Yamoo Drops to infant's feed containing lactose/milk when it is warm (30C to 40C). Mix it well and then feed the baby.

Safety Information:

  • Read the label thoroughly before using
  • Store it in a place where your children cannot reach it
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place
  • Use it strictly under medical supervision

Frequently Asked Questions

Infant colic is a common problem in otherwise healthy infants, with an estimated prevalence of 10-30%. Colic can generally be recognized as inconsolable crying for three hours a day, three days per week, for 3 weeks.
Infant colic usually occurs several weeks after birth, with a peak around 6 to 8 weeks. Symptoms usually disappear spontaneously by the age of 3 to 4 months.

Milk, infant formulas, breast milk and dairy products all contain a sugar called lactose. Lactase is an enzyme naturally produced in the small intestine. Its function is to break down the lactose in the diet into simple sugars. These can then be absorbed as part of the normal digestive process.

The term “Temporary lactose intolerance” in infants is the temporary inability of the gastrointestinal tract to break down the milk sugar, lactose.
Lactose must be broken down into the simple sugars, glucose and galactose, in order to be absorbed by the body. This undigested lactose in milk and other dairy products produces lactic acid and gas which may cause severe discomfort, bloating and gas that makes the baby cry.
By 3 to 4 months of age, a baby’s digestive system should be developed sufficiently to produce adequate amounts of lactase for proper digestion of lactose in the diet.

Yamoo drops works by breaking down most of the lactose (78%) in breast milk and/or infant formula before a feeding, making it easier to digest.
Adding Yamoo to the baby’s usual milk may compensate for a possible temporary lactose deficiency in the baby’s digestive system. Adding the drops to the baby’s usual milk greatly reduces the level of lactose in the milk.
Studies have shown that the hours of crying may be substantially reduced to when a baby’s usual milk is treated with Yamoo. Crying time gets reduced.

Add 4 to 5 drops of Yamoo per 50 ml of infant formula to few ml of expressed breast milk. When it is warm (30C to 40C). Shake well and then feed the baby.
The foremilk contains most of the lactose.
Wait a few minutes, give this mixture to the baby and then breast feed as normal.
Reason for this method: The foremilk contains most of the lactose. Hence we recommend waiting only for few minutes and then giving this mixture to baby and then breastfeed as normal. This method forms a “coating” for the baby’s digestive system which allows the remaining breastmilk to be digested normally.

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