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YAMOO has been my saving grace. My baby now feels comfortable. Now that his crying has diminished, I can stop crying and worrying as well. Thank you Yamoo for making it so easy for us.

Mrs Osha Shetty

My 72 year old mother is severe LI patient. She was not able to take dairy product. When Yamoo introduced to me- it is very helpful for my mom, now she is used to take on regular basis. She is taking dairy product daily. Me & my mom is very oblize with the product.


Yamoo drop I m using for my son 6 month old. With Yamoo got very good result. Finally yes got the good product. Baby is now fine. Taking the dairy normally now.

Gouwdesh Kannur

My son is not able to digest dairy products. Dr. told that he is having a problem of LI. They suggested me to take Yamoo for my son. After using Yamoo got very good response & we are very happy now. Baby is on formula feed. Now no issue with that.


This is a note of thanks to Yamoo customer care. They go above & beyond their normal call of duty for their customers. They were very willing to provide me Yamoo at a location of my choice. This product Yamoo is good & works well.

Mr. Raj

I am completely satisfied with Yamoo drops…my baby doing watery poo after every feed…but after using Yamoo now she is fine.


Neeru Kakkar

Thank you for your fantastic product. I have tried many others with mixed results but Yamoo has made all the difference in my ability to eat and enjoy dairy without the awful side effects of lactose intolerance. Thank you!

Akanksha Gandhi

If it were not for Yamoo, I would not enjoy cheese and Ice Cream … you know the foods that make life worth living. Thanks for your great product.

Sushant Mittal

I have been lactose intolerant my whole life and tried many solutions but nothing worked, Now all I do is take two of your pills everyday and I can eat ANYTHING! It is absolutely amazing! I am thrilled.

Nitin Sharma

I love Yamoo! I’ve been using it for few days for treatment of lactose intolerance. It’s awesome to be able to eat dairy (my favorite foods!) without worrying about the embarrassing gas and painful bloating. Best Product by Walter Bushnell!

Pooja Garg

I just wanted to say what a truly wonderful product. Just one tablet a day and I now have my life back. I can go out and not worry whether I”ll end up in agony, not have to read all small print on packaging and just enjoy everything everyone else enjoys. Thank you, Yamoo.

Ajay Bhanu

Yamoo is indeed very much affordable in price of its competition. Further, it requires far less attention to achieve maximum effect. It is, in short, all you claim it to be. That’s a wonder in today’s world. Good Luck. Yamoo!

Devender Kumar

I got to know about it at the YAMOO Stall in BIG BAZAR, one of the representative provided me the sample. I took it for 1 week & found it excellent in taste & easy to digest the milk. It’s a chewable tablet & just need to chew. This tablet is perfect to carry as I frequently travel due to office work.

Rajneesh Randhawa

Most affordable lactase-enzyme in soluble liquid form which makes Yamoo Drops the best suited for especially the lactose-intolerant elderly who lack the ability to chew tablet-form lactase-enzyme (other) products/brands owing to weakened or absent teeth Highly recommended

Premlata Shantaram Girkar

I’m lactose intolerant but these tablets have once again given me the freedom to enjoy ice cream and cheese without having to worry about my health. It’s a great product!


Of all the Lactase Enzyme Supplement products available online, this one beats all others hands down. It gives you the desired result effectively with less money. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, and are looking for a good supplement, go for this. You may need to take one or two tablets depends on how bad your intolerance is.

Kumaran A

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