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Lactose intolerance is a condition which restricts your consumption of certain foods consisting of lactose. This is so common that almost 1/3rd of Indians are known to be suffering from it, although the triggers and intensity may differ from person to person. People who suffer from lactose intolerance often find it very restricting as it could make it difficult for them to travel to unknown places where one is unsure of the food and the ingredients available. However, with the advent of lactase enzyme chewable tablets like Yamoo, you can easily travel to new places despite Lactose Intolerance.


How Does a Lactase Enzyme Tablet Work?

Lactase chewable tablets are extremely beneficial and come very handy especially when you travel to new places. Lactase chewable tablets are dietary lactase enzyme supplements which help in the easy breakdown of the lactose sugar in the body. Even if you consume a dairy product knowingly or unknowingly you can easily consume the tablet to prevent an allergic reaction.

Some of the other tips that you should keep in mind when traveling with lactose intolerance are:


  • Get the word for lactose intolerant in the local language: When travelling to exotic regions, not being able to communicate lactose intolerance in the local language can become a big problem for you. Hence before you leave for your travel make sure you have the local word used to describe the condition, so that you can clearly specify it at restaurants without any ambiguity.
  • Keep your report handy: If you are suffering from severe lactose intolerance it is better to keep your medical reports handy in case of any medical emergency.
  • Carry an adequate stock of your lactase enzyme tablets: If you are traveling to a foreign country it is best to keep stock of your Yamoo lactase enzyme tablets as you may or may not get them in the country you are traveling to. If you know the travel dates then plan how many tablets you should carry accordingly.
  • Do not wait for the symptoms: If you have consumed a dairy product or are not sure if a certain dish may contain certain hidden ingredients, then it is best to consume your lactase enzyme tablet immediately rather than waiting for the symptoms to show up. If you know you are going to have a particular food which is lactose based then take the lactase enzyme tablets before consuming the food. In case your dairy consumption has been high, you can also consume another tablet in a gap of about 20 to 45 minutes. These tablets are preventive in nature; hence do not wait for your symptoms to show up before consuming them.

Lactose intolerance is certainly a concern when traveling, but chewable lactase enzyme tablets come very handy in easing your issues. Rather than giving up on your favorite foods, switch to these for a better lifestyle.

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